I spent over 10 years in the photography business. I worked as photographer, country manager, content development manager, art director, teacher and videographer. I have a strong commercial eye, a natural attitude for traveling the world and I am always looking for new challenges.

I spent the first years of my career as travel photographer visiting over 50 countries and getting in touch with plenty of different cultures and lovely people.

After finding my base in Italy I went out of my comfort zone becoming a lifestyle/portrait photographer. At the moment I'm focusing all my effort in this area.

Art direction

Few years ago I've worked for Getty Images on the set of some international photo events, my task was to help the photographers to get the right shot in the right moment. I've immediately realized that I have a natural attitude in helping photographers in having things properly done. 

Since couple of years I work as art director for Westend61 helping and supporting a team of more then 30 photographers based all over Europe.