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Giorgio Fochesato


"Everything I wanted was to travel the globe. That journey became something completely unexpected and I'm still looking for the next big challenge to come. Why not?"


 NYC - "World through a lens" project

NYC - "World through a lens" project


I've spent 10 years traveling the globe holding the camera in my hands and working as full time travel photographer. From New Zealand to Morocco, from Australia to Canada, from Italy to China. I've definitely seen a lot of sunrises and sunsets.

 Indian businessman photoshoot in Manhattan

Indian businessman photoshoot in Manhattan


There has been a moment when I've realized that travel was no more my main focus. That's the point when I've decided to move to lifestyle photography. I normally work in NYC, Barcelona and all over Italy. I've definitely met lot of cool people. 

 On the stage of Microstock Expo 2013, Berlin

On the stage of Microstock Expo 2013, Berlin


Photography and videography gave me the opportunity to share my know-how in many other fields: web-development, project management, social media, etc. That's why I work as art director at Westend61 and at Vinitaly International.


1 million pictures

Since the very beginning of my career I've probably taken almost 1 million pics, only 30.000 of them are available in the most prestigious agencies Worldwide: Westend61, Stocksy United, Getty, Offset & Dissolve.
I've visited 40 different countries. I speak Italian, English and German. I love pizza. 

...and most of all, I am a happy father.